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How about becoming a Lopy?

By becoming a Lopy you will be able to meet foreigners who share the same interests.
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Meet travelers

Share unique experiences

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You can become a Lopy

A Lopy likes to meet foreign travelers. Become a Lopy and share your passions and authentic experiences… And make them live your daily life!

You are the next Lopy!

I’d like to present the French culture by taking travelers to a flea market to discover traditional antiques, and then bringing them to a century-old cafe.

Jules, Lopy in Paris

To me, being a Lopy is the opportunity to meet new people and to introduce my passions (shopping and photography) to someone else.

Sun-Hi, Lopy in Seoul

I study French, and I love this country and its culture. Being a Lopy enables me to improve my language skills and spend a good time doing it!

Yoko, Lopy in Tokyo

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